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Short Game Schools


I run three short game classes:
  • Pitching, chipping and bunker play
  • Putting
  • advanced pitching and chipping
  • Game like training 

All short game schools usually last two hours and are for 4-6 people. You will learn about many different aspects of the short game including:

  • chipping

  • pitching

  • distance control

  • bunker shots

  • short game routines

  • tricky lies

  • how to practice your short game effectively

  • Putting 

In the game like training class you will learn how to measure your practice for short game and long game. You will also learn games that will increase your engagement and enjoyment when you practice. 

Who are these short game schools for?


Short game schools are for everybody, whether you have taken short game lessons in the past or you want to make a start at improving your short game skills, a short game school will get you scoring lower! 




When do these short game schools take place?

These short game schools are ran throughout the year at Rockliffe Hall. Dates are announced via my newsletter. If you would like to receive my newsletter please subscribe via the 'subscribe for updates' link at the bottom of this page.





£40 per person.





Take a look at my YouTube videos below discussing bunker shots and distance control.

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