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Short game schools


Simon hosts four short game schools covering:

  • Pitching, chipping and bunker play

  • Putting

  • Advanced pitching and chipping

  • Game-like training 

Each short game school lasts two hours, with sessions carried out in groups of 4-6 people. You will learn about many different aspects of the short game including:​ chipping, pitching, bunker shots, putting, distance control, short game routines. tricky lies, and how to practise your short game effectively.

In the game-like training class you will learn how to measure your practise for short game and long game. You will also learn games and tests which will increase your engagement and enjoyment when you practise. 

Who are the short game schools for?

Short game schools are for everybody, whether you have taken short game lessons in the past or you want to make a start on improving your skills. The techniques, drills and routines you'll learn during the schools are invaluable tools to reduce scores at every level. 


When do short game schools take place?

Simon runs short game schools throughout the year at Close House - making use of the tournament-level facilities at the club's Academy. Dates will be published on social media, and you can book schools for your own group by contact Simon using the button below.



How much do sessions cost?

Each short game school season is £40 per person.

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