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The Lesson Experience

The facilities at Close House include ten indoor and ten outdoor bay driving range, a grass teaching tee for lessons, chipping area, bunker area and a large USGA putting green. The facility also includes a teaching and fitting studio.   

Feedback for your lesson will be given via video which you can access on Your feedback will include a record of what you have done in your lesson and reminders of key points and drills.  Your lesson feedback videos will allow you to monitor your progress and act as a reference to look back on. 

trackman 4.jpg

Simon uses a TrackMan four during coaching sessions because it turns coaching golf into an exact science which means much faster diagnosis and improvement.

Many of the top players and coaches in the world are using TrackMann every day to turn theory into fact.  TrackMann allows Simon to instruct you on where your face angle is at impact to the nearest degree, along with your swing path, club head and ball speed and efficiency of striking the centre of the clubface. It also measures the exact the distance the ball has travelled in both carry distance and total distance after it has rolled.



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All Videos

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